Maurizio has great natural skill with numerous instruments: pen, paint brush, pencil, paper, wood, metal, marble. Concrete forms materialise from his hands. His artistic period featured oil paintings whose subjects were tormented and contorted human forms. His scientific designs were for the purpose of illustrating his scientific works and those of his colleagues. Then Samuele was born and, with him sat on his knees, he drew lions, tigers and sharks. Maurizio also loves exploring with art. The oil technique is perhaps his favourite. He has created a 5-metre oil painting, depicting the great barrier reef, which currently welcomes visitors at the entrance to the Monaco-Montecarlo aquarium. For his scientific design, he learned to use airbrushing and then pastels, pencils and computer graphics.

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Paul Klee summarises his vision of art as an instrument of knowledge in the phrase: "Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes it visible". Strangely, these two products of the human intellect continue to be treated separately and antithetically, overlooking the recent and past epistemological path that has gradually "freed" science from the slavery of empiricism, recognising in it the origin of creativity and fantasy that human intelligence is capable of. Science is not doing, but thinking. Science is not objective because it is based on objective observation; science is subjective because, when we observe a phenomenon, our mind interprets it and "constructs" it according to our history, society and culture. Science is far more interesting from these viewpoints, particularly because it gives credit to the intellect for actively positioning scientific theory that produces, through its falsifiability, a non-dogmatic function. Visual judgements are not contributions of the intellect, added after the seeing is done. They are immediate and indispensable ingredients of the act of seeing itself.

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Awareness of visual judgement, translating it and formulating it, means knowing "what" in reality we are seeing (Rudolf Arnheim 1904)

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