Maurizio is a highly-respected scientific illustrator but, with his love of three-dimensional forms, he is first and foremost a sculptor. It is a natural skill that he discovered by chance. He recalls how, during a family Christmas many years ago, he turned down all of his presents because he was fascinated by a present for his cousin Anna. The wonderful present in question was a slab of grey plasticine. This opened up a window to the world. He build entire legions of Tartars and a zoo complete with every animal, of which a glorious, lopsided zebra remains.

tigre cartapestascorpena

This passion, remaining a purely personal pastime, underwent a change in 1991 when Professor Françoise Doumange, then Director of the Oceanography Museum of Monaco-Montecarlo, named him Scientific Curator of the museum's collections. Thus began ten years of hard yet fascinating and exciting work, in which he was finally able to put into practice the idea that art, science and culture can coexist. Among the numerous temporary and international exhibitions he created were a 15 metre sperm whale that is currently on show in the large hall on the first floor.


Since 2003, Artescienza has made three-dimensional models for the Italian Natural History Museums in Riccione, Grosseto and Genoa, the Museum of Natural History in Paris, and others in Croatia. The creation of these large models was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Mr Angelo Di Luca from Resinboat, based in Dolceacqua. Angelo is not only an expert in fibreglass, but a precise and meticulous artist. In 2004 he supplied Belgian sculptor Didier Mahieu with the models for a mantis and a shark, the latter being exhibited in the City of London.

scultura didier mahieu


Since 2012 he began working as a consultant for the Natural History Museum of Shanghai, creating three-dimensional models of marine animals. This included a blue whale measuring 26 metres.

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