ARTESCIENZA is a limited partnership company founded in 2001 with the aim of contributing to the understanding and conservation of the natural environment. Since 2003 it has been listed in the registry of publishers for the Province of Savona. Its work includes naturalistic designs and photos, popular science articles, books, multimedia material, three-dimensional models of marine organisms, conferences, videos and documentaries. Its main clients are public bodies, museums, environmental associations and governmental organisations, thanks also to the general public's great environmental awareness

fiberglass dolphinsNeophoca cinerea

Artescienza's work also interests the private sector due to the artistic aspect of its creations. As small commercial company, its products are unique, innovative and original because they are the fruit of craftsmanship, where manual ability takes precedence. Each illustrated table or model requires a phase of study and documentation; this is done by spending time in the field, with observational activities, diving and trips out to sea.
During its first few years, Artescienza has supplied products and services for the University of Genoa, the Region of Liguria, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, and for numerous other environmental associations such as MareVivo and Legambiente. The addition of the video sector has broadened its clientèle to include Italian, French and Swiss production companies. Since 2003, Italian Natural History Museums in Riccione, Grosseto and Genoa, the Museum of Natural History in Paris, and others in Croatia have requested three-dimensional models, illustrations and photos from Artescienza. In the same period, Italian, French, German, Dutch and American associations and publishing houses have purchased the reproduction rights to Artescienza illustrations for their own websites or thematic publications. It has participated in contract tenders for international exhibitions in Korea and Japan. It is composed of three members. Nadia and Maurizio, both biologists, and Samuele, a Literature graduate.

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Artescienza can be found in Via Pini d'Aleppo 28, Varazze Savona, 17019, but also has offices in Savona in Via Quarda Superiore 20/4.


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