We were born in Genoa, a coastal city of culture and secrecy. The sea has become our element, a field of study, analysis, passion and pleasure. I'm Nadia. I used to go to the beach in the Genovese district of Multedo, before it was swallowed up by the petrol port, with my father Virginio. I loved seeing the fishermen set sail in their trawlers, and I used to take home a bucket full of little anchovies which, when fried, were the best in the world. In the evening I would fall asleep to the tales of Gianni Rodari and the adventures of Ulysses. Maurizio first saw Cornigliano when it still had a beach and, since he was a young boy, has absorbed the sounds and smells of another great coastal city, similar but an antagonist to Genoa: Venice. Today the rivalry between us plays out in our cookery: my brandacujun and his stoccafisso mantecato, local varieties of the same dish. As fiancées, instead of spending Sundays at the cinema or in a club, we used to swim along the entire stretch that separates the coast from Bergeggi island (now a Marine Protected Area) and then circle the island wearing only our masks and fins and, in winter, a thin neoprene wetsuit.

Nadia & Maurizio snorkelingNadia & Maurizio at their office

We both graduated in biology. Maurizio embarked on his academic career firstly as an expert in cephalopods and then in cetaceans. Nadia founded the first Italian cooperative of its kind, a marine biology consultancy (CBM), and began working in the sector of applied research into commercial fishing. We have travelled far, by sea or to research the sea. We believe that travel not only broadens the mind, but shapes it. We have visited places now destroyed by war, uncontaminated beaches eaten up by cement, we have been moved by a sunset, a whale's spray, a child's smile. Our language for communicating with others is represented by images, whether static photos or illustrations, moving images in videos, or free, three-dimensional sculptures.

afganistanTunisia, 2010

The sound of the sea waking us up in the morning, a storm knocking on our door, the calm revealing dolphins on the horizon; we feel the need to create order among the documents, photos and designs that clutter our studio, and share our experiences with as many people as possible. Artescienza is the instrument we have created to achieve this desire.

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