Samuele is a powerful filmmaker. He has a liberal arts background and places his heart, as well as his professionalism, into his work. In 2004 he established the Laboratorio probabile Bellamy cultural association which is active in the film industry, working on screenplays, documentary production, corporate film clips, video installations and event organisation.

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In 2005 he won first prize at the "Province of Genoa 2005" awards with his short film "Ad Portam Inferi" (the Gates of Hell), and was a runner up for his documentary "Romanzo Globale" (Global Story) at the Genova Film Festival in 2007. Since 1999 he has been making environmental and social documentaries such as "Il Re del mare" (The King of the Sea) for the Region of Tuscany and "Homo Faber (Man the Creator) for CNA Liguria.

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For Artescienza he films clips of large marine animals taken in their natural environment, both on the surface and underwater, with highly innovative instruments and techniques.

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